Fresh Breath and Healthy Gums Mean More Holiday Kisses in Boulder! by Lisa Kalfas, DDS

The brisk, cold air in Boulder is so fresh and invigorating, isn’t it? It’s energizing and you just feel good being outdoors, especially at the holidays! But don’t let chronic bad breath keep your loved ones at arm’s length.

Bad breath can be caused by strong foods, smoking, and drinks such as coffee. But chronic bad breath could be a symptom of something more serious, such as a periodontal disease like gingivitis or periodontitis. You’ve probably heard of both of these gum diseases, but what are they, and what are the symptoms of gum disease? Read on to learn more, especially about the surgery-free advanced and gentle therapies we use to treat gum disease in Boulder.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of your gums which, left untreated, can progress to periodontitis, where the inflammation has progressed to the tissues and bones that support your teeth. The cause of most periodontal disease is bacterial plaque on your teeth. One of the first symptoms of periodontal disease is halitosis, or bad breath. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

Gum disease and its link to more serious conditions, specifically diabetes, have been scientifically established in a study of 1.7 million dental patients. If you have diabetes, treating gum disease can help you balance your blood glucose levels, and improve your health overall. Please let Dr. Lisa Kalfas know if you are diabetic so she can treat you accordingly.

Dr. Lisa Kalfas, located in Boulder, and her hygienist, are both certified to treat periodontal diseases with a high-tech diode laser. Dr. Kalfas offers other advanced and gentle treatments as well to help avoid gum surgery. Call our Boulder Dental Office at 303.447.9161 as soon as you can if you experience bleeding or swollen gums, chronic bad breath, or think you might have other symptoms of gum disease.