Artful Repairs With Dental Bonding in Boulder

One of the most versatile methods for restoring or refining a smile is dental bonding. If you’ve been seen for any short cosmetic dentistry, had a tooth-colored filling placed, or perhaps have had a chipped tooth quickly repaired, then you’ve experienced dental bonding.

Dental bonding in Boulder may sound like a simple process. But it requires advanced training, technical skill and artful technique to create a bonded surface that is imperceptible from your natural tooth.

Dental bonding is nothing short of amazing in how it can be used:

  • Fill cavities with non-metal, tooth-colored restorations
  • Refine the shape of a tooth or close minor spaces between teeth
  • Lengthen a tooth that is shorter than the rest of your teeth
  • Cover a badly stained tooth
  • Repair a broken or chipped tooth

It’s hard to believe that one therapy can be used for filling a cavity and repairing a broken tooth! Repairs on broken teeth, or lengthening crowns do take more skill and artistry. At Lisa Kalfas, DDS, Dr. Kalfas prepares a composite resin, custom-colored to the rest of your teeth. She will apply the resin where needed, then carefully sculpts the material to fit the contours of the targeted tooth, as well as the adjacent teeth.

The restoration is then hardened using a special light, after which the resin is refined and polished. Patients are usually skeptical the first time they experience dental bonding. Until they look in the mirror! They can’t believe they’re looking at the same tooth.

If you have gaps, uneven or stained teeth, or if you accidentally break off part of a tooth, call our dental office in Boulder ASAP! If bonding is appropriate for you, you’ll be done in 30 to 60 minutes!