No-Fear Dentistry From Dr. Lisa Kalfas

Did you know nearly 75% of adults in the U.S. have some fear of going to the dentist? In fact, fear of the dentist is so common that there are two names for it—odontophobia and dentophobia!

There are many reasons behind these fears of the dentist in Boulder:

  • A personal traumatic or painful experience
  • Impersonal, uncaring dentists
  • Mass media (movies, TV)
  • A perception that you’re helpless or don’t have control

There’s no need for pain or anxiety when visiting Dr. Lisa Kalfas in Boulder. She understands how you feel. After all, dentists are patients too! We can help your anxiety and any potential pain during your treatment.

If you’re already a patient at Lisa Kalfas, DDS, then you know we go above and beyond to assure your comfort when you’re here. We keep you warm and cozy with soft blankets, neck pillows, hot towels and even massage pads for your chair. If you prefer distraction during your appointment, you can listen to music with noise-reducing headphones. If you have family or friends waiting for you, we offer coffee, tea and even cookies. For our patients, we give you “checkout chocolates!”

Dr. Kalfas has completed several training courses at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Her techniques and the technology she uses are all state-of-the-art, using lasers for treatment, mercury-free products and neuromuscular computer technology. All of this assures the least invasive treatments possible and faster healing time after any procedures.

If you have concerns or fears about visiting the dentist, we hope you’ll take that first step and call our dental office in Boulder at 303.447.9161. We’ll listen to you first of all, and then talk with you about how we can help you relieve your anxiety and have a relaxed, comfortable visit.