Wise Up About Wisdom Teeth, Boulder!


Wisdom teeth usually come in during our late teens or early 20s. They can cause problems, such as coming in unevenly, partially, or not at all. When this happens, they are called partial or fully impacted wisdom teeth. Most of the time, the solution is to extract them, and at the dental office of Lisa Kalfas DDS in Boulder, we’re here to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

There are some interesting facts about wisdom teeth that you might not know.

  • Some populations in the world never develop wisdom teeth, and in other populations nearly 100% of the people develop their wisdom teeth! Scientists don’t know why although the phenomenon is being studied.

  • Impacted wisdom teeth are an ancient problem. The oldest known impacted wisdom tooth belonged to an unfortunate European woman who lived roughly 15,000 years ago during the Magdalenian period (13,000-18,000 B.C.).

The most important fact about wisdom teeth is that if you experience any pain or soreness, get to our dental office in Boulder as soon as possible. Even if your wisdom teeth come in, they can be a challenge to care for and are prone to cavities. Regular dental care can help determine the potential for problems with your wisdom teeth, and whether you should consider extraction. If you’re due for a checkup, give us a call today! Prevention is always a wise move!