SUMMERTIME SPECIAL! Porcelain Veneers to Whiten and Perfect Any Smile


Have you thought about brightening and perfecting your smile this summer? Do you tend to hide your smile because you don’t like the way your teeth look? It’s time for a change. There has never been a better time to discover all the possibilities offered by cosmetic dentistry – especially veneers – with our limited time savings on porcelain veneers. For all treatment started by August 1, 2013, we are offering a $100 savings per veneer!

Why Consider Porcelain Veneers

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and a beautiful smile can really exude confidence, friendliness and warmth. Why not make a great first impression? Veneers can correct many cosmetic issues, including:

  • Ÿ  Chipped front teeth

  • Ÿ  Uneven teeth

  • Ÿ  Gapped or widely spaced teeth

  • Ÿ  Uneven teeth

  • Ÿ  Teeth that are too small

  • Ÿ  Teeth that are too short

  • Ÿ  Worn, damaged or injured teeth

  • Ÿ  Stained or discolored teeth

Patients are amazed at what a difference porcelain veneers can make in their smile.

Discussing Your Options

If you are tired of living with a less than perfect smile, or you’d just like to know more about what your cosmetic dentistry options are, give Dr. Kalfas a call. She and her team are available to discuss the possibilities with you and help you discover the smile of your dreams. Call our Boulder dental office today at 303-447-9161 to request a complimentary consultation. We look forward to seeing you, and helping you attain a naturally beautiful and healthy new smile!

Save $100.00 per tooth (up to $2000.00) on all veneers started prior to August 1, 2013!