Celebrate Your Boulder Smile with Botox and Juvederm from Dr. Lisa Kalfas

You work hard, take good care of your family, and even make sure you exercise, eat right, and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Why not celebrate your accomplishments by treating yourself to a little beauty boost at your next dental visit? Dr. Lisa Kalfas is now offering her patients the confidence inspiring benefits of Botox® and Juvederm® facial rejuvenation injectables in Boulder.

Using Facial Injectables as Part of Your Boulder Cosmetic Dentistry Routine

If you have had your smile improved in any way, you may suddenly find that the deep lines around your mouth or on your brow feel more noticeable – your smile is more youthful but your face doesn’t quite match. And you have invested so much in that smile! Botox and Juvederm can smooth your lines and give you a rested, rejuvenated look that perfectly compliments your sparkling smile.

Even if your smile is naturally gorgeous and healthy, these popular treatments can help you feel and look younger too!

How Botox Works

The effects of Botox are fairly simple – the active ingredient in your Botox injection works because it temporarily paralyzes muscle activity. By relaxing the surrounding muscles, this paralysis erases the creases and lines that result from activities such as frowning.

How Juvederm Dermal Filler Works

Just as the name suggests, Juvederm is a dermal filler so it works by smoothing over and filling the creases, wrinkles, and scars that may be detracting from your appearance. We can even use this filler to plump up your lips!

Isn’t it time you celebrated your smile – and your life – with Botox or Juvederm beauty treatments from your Boulder cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lisa Kalfas? Call us today to schedule a consultation!