Boulder Dental Bonding Treatment

Artful Repair

Dental bonding allows Dr. Kalfas to cover stains, repair chips and cracks and even fill cavities… it sounds simple, but the bonding process requires skill and artistry to ensure a natural looking outcome. A composite resin filling, shaded to match surrounding teeth, is applied and then artistically sculpted and shaped to perfection. The teeth bonding process is painless and can be completed in one visit. To begin, a thin coating of a plastic material is applied on the front surface of the teeth. Then, a bonding material is applied, colored and shaped to provide an attractive, natural-looking result. A high-intensity light hardens the plastic. Finally, the bonded surface is polished. It is important to remember that while dental bonding can mimic natural teeth, it does not last as long as veneers and can be prone to staining.