Boulder Teeth Whitening Treatment

The Simple Way to a Brighter Smile

We all eat and drink things that can make our smiles look dark and discolored. Coffee, tea, red wine, soda and tobacco are some of the major culprits. Don’t worry. Dr. Lisa Kalfas has safe, fast and effective smile whitening methods that will get your teeth whiter and brighter than ever before. As with all our other procedures, your teeth whitening is completely customizable as we offer several  methods of whitening so you can choose which method best suits your needs.  There is the traditional “at-home” method, in which we create custom bleach trays for you, or the Zoom! in-office whitening system that allows us to whiten your teeth up to eight shades in about one hour. For the take-home whitening, we will create custom trays that fit your teeth comfortably for teeth bleaching whenever and wherever you’d like. Whiten while you drive to work, watch television or while you sleep. If you prefer something faster, or for an amazing pick-me-up before a special event, try the Zoom! in-office whitening system. Zoom! uses a high-powered light and a powerful gel to bleach your teeth in our pampering office. It’s a little more expensive, but the results are fabulous. We are happy to make custom bleach splints for you to use with the Zoom! system if you would like to touch-up your bleaching in the future at home. We also offer the KoR Deep Bleaching System with a combination of in-office and take-home treatments for optimal whitening results. KoR Deep Bleaching involves two power bleaching appointments in our office and wearing a home tray in between. First, we’ll make molds of your teeth so you can have ultra-comfortable, custom KoR Deep Bleaching trays to wear with the bleaching gel. Then you’ll have a simple visit in the dental office, followed by wearing KoR Deep Bleaching Trays for two weeks at home while you sleep. The KoR Deep Bleaching System is completed with a final visit to our office.