Boulder White Fillings Treatment

Better for Your Health. More Beautiful in Your Smile.

No one wants ugly, dark fillings. Now, no matter what happens to your teeth, you won’t need one! Dr. Kalfas does not use mercury amalgam fillings. Natural-looking porcelain and composite resins are so much more attractive, blending into your smile so no one knows they are there. They are also far healthier for your teeth and your body than traditional fillings. For one thing, mercury amalgam fillings are reactive to temperature changes; they expand when exposed to heat and contract when exposed to cold. All that movement can cause a tooth to fracture or break. It also creates a space between the filling and tooth wall that allows bacteria to get in and cause further decay. Biting down on a piece of metal in the middle of your tooth can cause cracking and splitting, often leading to the need for a crown or root canal.