General Dentistry

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For Dental Health That Lasts a Lifetime

General dentistry keeps you smiling. But there is more to oral health – and whole body health – than just keeping your teeth clean and bright. Preventive dentistry, including regular exams and screenings, help watch for and prevent everything from cavities to oral cancer and gum disease. Our advanced periodontal therapy can keep your gums, teeth and whole body, healthy. Our sleep apnea treatment can help anyone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has trouble wearing a CPAP, and our Pure Power Mouthguard can help anyone, from amateurs to professional athletes find stability, balance and increased strength.

To ensure the highest quality care with the best outcome, Dr. Kalfas uses only the finest dental materials and techniques in her general dentistry procedures and has used only mercury-free products since 1993.

It’s easy to see why our patients call general dentistry from Dr. Lisa Kalfas “exceptional,” and “outstanding.” Isn’t it time to experience the best in dental health for yourself?