TMJ Treatment

Boulder & Lafayette TMJ Treatment

We Can Help You Find Relief From Pain!

TMJ relief is right around the corner. Rather than relying on your present jaw position as being the best for you, Dr. Kalfas can gather additional information to determine if your bite should be left as is, or adjusted to a more optimal position. All of the TMJ tests are non-invasive – there are no injections and absolutely no pain.

In neuromuscular dentistry we use computerized equipment to study the pattern of jaw movement. Muscle activity is also monitored and measured while using computerized sonography to record the noise made in the joint during normal movement.

A Myomonitor, a device that painlessly exercises the muscles of the face and jaw is then used to stimulate your muscles.  This stimulation will overcome the programming of these muscles and allow them to truly relax. Data is then gathered to determine the optimal position of the jaw by measuring this relaxed position of the head and neck muscles.

Repositioning your jaw during TMJ treatment may include wearing an orthotic (bite guard), tooth recontouring, tooth movement with braces or adjusting the bite through the application of dental restorations.