Boulder Implant Restoration

The Crowning Touch on Your Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth, we may recommend the placement of a dental implant through an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist.  Once the implant post has been placed and it has healed, Dr. Kalfas offers a variety of replacement options:

  • Patients who need to replace just a single tooth will love how our implant crowns are custom crafted to blend perfectly with your natural teeth.
  • An implant supported bridge is used to replace several teeth. The bridge is permanently anchored to the implant posts for a beautiful and secure bridge that lets you enjoy your food and look great!
  • An implant supported denture will help create a comfortable bite, reduce chances of bone loss, enhance aesthetics and improve your speech. There is no longer any need to use adhesives or worry about teeth slipping while you are talking. Some actually feel the new dentures have taken years off their appearance.

Whatever option you choose, our implant crowns, bridges and dentures will help you look great, feel younger and face life with renewed confidence!