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Our Wonderful Patients Tell Their Stories

We are so proud of our patients and the progress they have made. Their healthy, beautiful smiles keep us smiling.

Each of these special patients has an incredible story to tell – take a minute to read their testimonials . You may discover that we can help you too!

I always used to cover my face when I smiled. My teeth weren’t healthy and I was embarrassed. I grew up in Russia. Dentistry is different there. My husband is a patient of Dr. Kalfas and he said I should talk to her. I was scared at first because of my English but Dr. Kalfas was great. She was so warm and caring – I felt like I was back home with my friends. I had my upper teeth done, all new veneers. I feel like a completely different person now, beautiful and confident. If something is wrong, you need to fix it.

Whenever I saw a photograph of myself, my smile was the first thing I’d notice. As a kid, I’d been hit in the face by a baseball and my front teeth were crooked. Plus, the tetracycline I took back then stained my teeth. Dr. Kalfas showed me how veneers could make my smile look better. I ended up getting ten uppers – what a difference! They look great and very natural. I smile with confidence now. Dr. Kalfas is extremely professional, but also such a caring person. I think she is as proud of the results as I am.

I’m in sales so I know my appearance is especially important. I used to cover my teeth with my lips when I smiled – what kind of an impression was I making there? I knew I needed cosmetic work and a friend recommended Dr. Kalfas. Dr. Kalfas insisted on getting my mouth healthy before we did anything else. She’s a perfectionist and it shows in her work. My teeth look wonderful. I’m confident in my appearance now – I even lead with my smile. It’s made a big difference for me professionally. And personally.

My front two teeth were chipped when I was little. I had them fixed, but they never looked good. I knew I wanted to have them done again and done right. My regular dentist recommended Dr. Kalfas as a specialist. He told me she actually trains other dentists, I liked that. I went to see her and was impressed by her confidence and sense of calm. I ended up having an entire smile makeover, twenty-two veneers. What a difference! As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best investment you can make in your appearance.

I used to have a large gap between my top front teeth. I’d even had orthodontics as an adult and still, there was a space there. Also, I had tetracycline stains from when I was a kid. A colleague recommended Dr. Kalfas. I went to see her and was impressed by the way she took the time to educate me. I felt like I was involved in every stage of the process. When it was time to do my veneers, she even let me choose the color. Now my smile looks so good even my orthodontist raves about the work!

My front tooth was chipped and the bonding kept falling off. My mom was tired of bringing me back to the dentist every few weeks to have it fixed, so she decided we should see Dr. Kalfas instead. Dr. Kalfas showed me lots of options and pictures of what she could do for me. Then she made my smile beautiful. Now lots of people comment on what perfect teeth I have!


I’d had bad teeth ever since I was a kid. By the time I saw Dr. Kalfas I had a fifteen year old crown, two bonded teeth in front, and a bridge on one side. All were different colors. Is it any wonder I was hesitant to smile? I researched a lot of aesthetic dentists and Dr. Kalfas had the credentials and experience I was looking for. When I met her, I knew right away that we’d get along on a personal level too. She’s very friendly and made me feel right at home. Her whole staff is great. And the fact that she works with battered women is something I really admire. I love my smile now and can’t imagine ever going back. I don’t know why I waited so long – this was money well spent. I’ve recommended Dr. Kalfas and her team to several people already. They’re awesome!

I’ve always been self-conscious about my protruding front teeth. I’d even considered improving their appearance by having them veneered. Then, ironically, I was in a bike accident in 2003 and those two teeth were severely damaged. I lost one tooth completely and the remaining tooth was badly chipped. I am so thankful that Dr. Kalfas and her periodontist were able to help me! The remaining root was extracted and a bridge was put in to replace my lost tooth. The rest of my teeth were bleached to match the whiteness of the bridge and my metal filings were replaced with porcelain. My smile is so beautiful now, people compliment me on it daily – and my protrusion is gone! Dr. Kalfas is professional, sensitive, and is a perfectionist in her practice. She and her team are remarkable in the difference they make in people’s lives. I live an hour away from Boulder and she remains the dentist for my entire family. She’s incredible!

I’d had my old veneers for over twenty years. They were nice in their time, but compared to the ones I have now, they were too large and not nearly as natural looking. The smile Dr. Kalfas created for me is a lot prettier than the one I’d gotten used to. I’m so glad I had it done. Dr. Kalfas is very professional and organized. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone. Having my veneers done was a great experience!


Lisa Kalfas is one of the most caring, sensitive, and sympathetic people I’ve ever known. This means a lot coming from me because I’ve had very bad experiences with dentists in the past and going to the dentist is hard for me. In fact, bad crowns done by another dentist caused me to be in so much pain they’re why I went to Dr. Kalfas in the first place – and I’m so glad I did. Lisa is amazingly skilled. She is also a perfectionist and a true professional. I was also suffering from neck and shoulder pain caused by clenching and grinding my teeth. Dr. Kalfas repaired the work that was causing my problems, replaced my upper teeth with veneers, corrected my bite and relieved my pain. Take it from me, if you’re not going to have the job done right, don’t have it done at all. Go to Dr. Kalfas in the first place. I wish I had.

I was getting remarried and I wanted my smile to look great. Dr. Kalfas was already my regular dentist, so I asked her what she could do for me cosmetically. She explained how veneers could change my smile. Lisa’s great. She made me feel so comfortable. And what an unbelievable difference she’s made in my smile. People compliment me all the time now and I always tell them to think about doing it themselves. Life is short – you should have as much fun and joy as possible!

As an acupuncturist and a nutrition counselor, I am a big believer in homeopathic medicine. I knew I needed to have aesthetic work done because my teeth were very worn and discolored. I also knew Dr. Kalfas would be the dentist to do it. She has been my general dentist for years. She has a very natural, healthy philosophy. She’s kind, caring and professional. I trust her. I ended up getting a full-mouth makeover. My smile is such an asset now. And so natural-looking. Thank you Dr. Kalfas.